Saturday, 20 September 2014

#AnthonyKletzander Latest Update

DPAC have posted a message from Anthony’s mother Linda, which gives an update on Anthony Kletzander’s situation:

 I want to thank you for your support for Anthony and all your powerful supportive comments. Thank you for helping us in trying to get justice for Anthony.  Anthony sends his thanks to all of you. It means so much to him to know that he is not alone in his fight for independent living, and that he has supporters from across the world who understand
Below is an update from my last visit to Anthony at Nua Farm on the 17th September 2014
Thiandi came with me on my visit to Anthony. It was Thiandi’s first visit to Ireland. Thianda travelled from Amsterdam, she also uses facilitated communication. She came with me to show her support and commitment to Anthony and for his campaign. Anthony was , of course, very pleased to see her.
Very soon after we saw Anthony Nua staff told me that Anthony was not allowed visitors on the premises who were not next of kin. This means that he can only be visited by his family. He can no longer  be visited by friends (new or old) or his advocate Joe on Nua premises. The staff then added that we were not allowed to take photographs of Anthony!
We have made a formal complaint to ask where in the regulations it states that the institution prevents visits from friends- or is this just another intrusion that applies only to Anthony in efforts to silence us and the campaign.
Thiandi is returning to Holland completely shocked by the actions of Nua Institution.
I’m sorry I cannot give you a more optimistic update.
We still need many more signatures, every time someone signs the petition an email goes to the Irish Taoiseach ( Prime Minister) and to key people at HSE to ask them to organise a meeting with the support organisation that has offered to support Anthony in his own home.
I am asking for your support, again- please share the petition: email it to friends, write about it on your blogs and web sites, share on Twitter and Facebook.
It takes minutes but could mean the difference between Anthony staying at Nua under intolerable conditions or having the independent living he so wants and deserves.
Please continue to share the petition and Anthony’s story.
We will update again when we can
For more information please see one of the many sites carrying our interview on Anthony:
Thank you all again for your continuing support, Linda

Please sign and share the Petition to free Anthony
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